Why I Cannot Get Pregnant

I Need Help to Get Pregnant

If there were ever 2 sides to a coin, the lament “I cannot get pregnant” is certainly a strange counter to the “oh my gosh…I’m pregnant”. Talk about it all being a matter of timing!

Few women probably ever think that they will be singing the blues and saying they cannot get pregnant. Afterall, most spent their entire youth avoiding it at all costs and believing that all it took was a sly glance to cause it! Unfortunately it has become an increasing concern for women today. There is nothing more heart breaking than to want a child and struggle to have one. A woman who succeeded at getting pregnant against the odds is sharing what worked for her in the Getting Pregnant Plan. Her story is a real inspiration.

If You Cannot Get Pregnant Are You All Alone?

For those who cannot get pregnant the world has taken on a new twist. With problems getting pregnant becoming common place, there are now guides on the market where women who have been successful at conceiving are sharing what worked for them.

It seems that now the idea of when to start having children is shifting. It used to be that lots of women would wait until their mid to late thirties. At that point they had established careers or had undertaken whatever pursuits they always dreamed of and were ready to “settle down and start a family”.

Now, women in their mid-twenties are looking to begin to have children. This is a shift of almost a decade. The number of women under 24 who are reporting they cannot get pregnant has almost doubled.

In fact out of women that are signing up for various fertility treatments or assistance in getting pregnant, 44% are under 35. It was not long ago that most women were not even concerned until their mid to late thirties.

It’s the Age Game When You Cannot Get Pregnant

Oh just what you wanted to hear…..it’s your age. Isn’t it always something about your age??? But like it or not, you need to consider these things when you cannot get pregnant. Products such as the Conception Action Pak are assisting women who are having problems. But you still have to realize that these facts may be part of what is going on:

There is a lifespan to your ovaries. To get pregnant takes healthy eggs. As you age you produce fewer and fewer eggs that are high quality and can lead to successful pregnancies.

Your chances of getting pregnant peak in your 20’s. The actual peak can be between ages 23-31. After that you start to lose fertility at the rate of about 3% a year. When you hit 35 the drop becomes even more rapid. If you are over 35 you have a 25% chance of being someone who cannot get pregnant.

Most women can get pregnant until around age 41. This isn’t set in stone obviously and you may be at either end of the spectrum. There is no way to predict just when your body will become unable to be pregnant.

Family history and genetics….oh dear! But it could be good news. If your mother was able to have a child late in life that may bode well for you being able to do the same. It’s worth considering what the family tree has in its past and how it might effect you if you think you cannot get pregnant.

What Else Can I Do?

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “sometimes you just need to give it a rest”. It sounds so trite and yet it’s true. When we put so much emphasis on one thing it’s possible to overdo it.

Maybe you could spend some time decorating your house. Sometimes something as simple as some pillows or new knick knacks will lift your spirits. Or maybe you can rearrange the furniture and get some new ideas.

With the Holidays coming there are lots of projects that you could get involved in that would keep you busy and maybe a little relaxed.

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