Alcohol Riskiest Late In First Trimester

One of the first things a pregnant woman will be expected to give up is alcohol. Drinking alcohol while you are pregnant could lead to birth defects or even the death of your baby. For this reason, it is never suggested you consume alcohol while you are pregnant.

However, now a study has been conducted that shows alcohol is most risky during the first trimester. Every drink increases the risk of your baby developing abnormalities. Here is some more information to keep in mind.


Nearly 1000 women participated in the study over 3 decades. They were given a survey regarding their alcohol consumption during the time they were pregnant. In addition to this, the women’s babies were screened after they were born. The doctors that performed these studies did not know which babies were subjected to alcohol and which were not. They also did not know the timeline of the babies’ exposure to alcohol.

In the end, these doctors discovered that babies who were exposed to alcohol during the latter part of the first trimester were the ones that were most likely to have some sort of symptom related to fetal alcohol syndrome.


Another important thing to note is that every woman is different. While one woman may be able to drink daily and not deliver a baby with issues, another woman may drink very little and have a baby with significant problems.

This is because there are other risk factors involved when it comes to the baby developing birth defects. For example, when a woman has a poor diet or has high fat levels, the baby will have a great chance of being effected by the alcohol. In addition to this, genetic issues and things in the environment could make a difference as well.

Naturally, however, the more a woman drinks, the more likely it is for her baby to be dangerously effected by alcohol. Because of this study, we have learned that women should completely avoid alcohol when they are pregnant. If you struggle with an alcohol addiction, it is best to handle the situation before you even become pregnant.

Start by talking to your doctor about the issues you are having and seek professional guidance from a counselor. You may even need to join a support group to help you deal with all aspects of your addition in a healthy manner. Doing these things before you even try to conceive is the best way to make sure alcohol stays out of your life while you are pregnant so that your baby is healthy once born.

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