Is Royal Jelly A Fertility Super Food?

Royal jelly is created by a honey bee. It is used by the bees to feed the larvae when they are ready to select a new queen. In bees, this substance helps develop the ovaries that the larvae need to lay eggs. Naturally, because of its purpose, royal jelly is a popular item for women who are trying to become pregnant. But is it really effective? Here is some information that you should keep in mind when consuming this type of substance.


One of the best things about royal jelly is that it is filled with vitamins that are usually considered helpful for women who are trying to conceive. For example, it includes vitamins A, B, C, D, E, folic acid, and also includes lots of iron and calcium. There are also minerals included that help improve the communication of the cells, which can also be helpful at improving how your reproductive system works.


Because it has so many vitamins, royal jelly has been shown to help balance a woman’s hormones. This is especially helpful for women who are struggling to balance their hormones after they have been taking birth control for some time. One study has actually shown that royal jelly can actually mimic estrogen, which is critical when it comes to producing healthy eggs on a regular basis.


There are also several other uses that women have found royal jelly is great at. For example, it helps improve their libido. While this will not necessarily improve their chances of becoming pregnant quickly, it is something that will allow them to enjoy the process a little bit more. It could also cause their body to be in tune with the pregnancy process.

Royal jelly can also help support egg development. Some women struggle to produce healthy eggs, which could keep them from becoming pregnant. However, by taking royal jelly, they are able to improve the health of their eggs and improve their chances of conceiving. In addition to this, men can take this substance to improve the health of their sperm.

Royal jelly is popular and has quite a number of nutrients inside it. There are a number of conditions that it can be used to treat, including PMS, kidney disease and even high cholesterol. Some women even use it as a tonic to help them age slower. All in all, it is very popular, but there is little research showing how effective it really is.

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