Aspirin Boosts Fertility In Women

Fertility is something many women are looking to boost. For some, this is as simple as taking a few over the counter supplements. Other women require prescription medication to achieve the desired results. Regardless of which method you choose, there are many options to choose from.

However, now research is showing that there may be one more item that can help boost fertility in women, aspirin. Studies now show that when women take a low dose of aspirin, they are able to improve their chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. One reason this may be the case is because aspirin helps improves blood flow to the reproductive organs.


To conduct the study, doctors studied over 1,000 women. These women all had a history of pregnancy loss. Some women were given a placebo and others were given a low dose of aspirin. After they had taken their dosages, they were then studied for the next 6 months while they were trying to conceive.

Between the two groups, there was no difference in the number of pregnancy loss. However, researchers did determine that women who were taking the low dose aspirin were 78% more likely to become pregnant. The other group was only 66% likely to become pregnant during the same timeframe.

Among the same group of women, about 1/3 of the pregnancies were lost. Most were lost early in the pregnancy. Researchers believed that the reason these women lost their pregnancies was because of a decrease of blood flow. It is believed that low doses of aspiring could help solve this problem.


Other studies have also shown that low dose aspirin can be helpful for women when they are trying to conceive. In fact, those who are going through fertility treatments find that taking it along with their fertility medication makes it much easier to conceive. Women who do this are able to produce twice as many eggs as women who do not take aspirin while they are undergoing fertility treatments.

Many times, the actual cause of a pregnancy loss is unknown. Doctors are simply not able to determine what caused the loss. However, this research shows that there is a good chance low dose aspirin could help women who are prone to pregnancy loss. However, before you begin taking any medication while you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you need to talk to your doctor. It is important to understand how your body will react to certain medications and your doctor will be able to determine this.

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