What Over The Counter Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant?

When you are trying to conceive, there are many over the counter medications that can help. The great thing about these medications is that you can avoid the negative side effects related to the prescription options.

Because of the many options you will find on the counters of drug stores, it is best to learn more about them before you decide. Here are some of the best over the counter medications you will definitely want to consider.


Vitex is a great option for women who are looking for something natural to take while you are trying to become pregnant. It is created from the chasteberry plant and is said to help fertility issues in a number of ways. Not only is it something that can balance your hormones, but it is said to help stimulate ovulation. It is also a fairly cost effective option when it comes to over the counter medication.


This is a traditional over the counter herb that was used in ancient Chinese medicine. It is a pill that can help balance your estrogen levels and other hormones that may be out of balance. This is a leading cause of ovulation issues in women. In addition to this, however, it is also something that can help improve the uterine lining’s health, which can make it easier for implantation to occur.


This is also an over the counter supplement that has been shown to have great results for women struggling to conceive. It also can make it easier to ovulate and has the power to balance the hormones. Many women have seen great success by taking this over the counter medicine and it is fairly easy to find.

One thing to keep in mind when you are taking over the counter medicine is that they tend to take a bit longer to work. This is because they work naturally in the body and it can sometimes take some time before they are effective. However, women who are looking to avoid prescription medication find them attractive and they are great for improving many areas of your health.

When you are deciding which over the counter medicine you should take, make sure you talk them over with your doctor. Different women are affected by medication differently, so you will want to determine how the medicine you choose will affect you the most and offer you the desired results.

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