Can Cinnamon Benefit PCOS?

Cinnamon is a favorite spice that is used around the world. However, in recent years, it has been discovered that cinnamon can not only flavor food, but it can improve our health at the same time. Now, it is being used to help those with type 2 diabetes and can even effect a woman’s fertility, specifically in regard to PCOS.


One of the issues women have when they have PCOS is a resistance to insulin. In turn, this will increase the woman’s insulin levels. However, research shows that cinnamon has the power to decrease insulin resistance in women who have PCOS. It does this by increasing specific activity in the insulin signaling pathway.

Another study shows that cinnamon may also help reduce insulin resistance by slowing the movement of food into the small intestines, from the stomach. In turn, this will slow down the breakdown of carbs. This is helpful for women with both diabetes and PCOS.


When a woman has PCOS, insulin resistance is a problem. It causes the ovulation cycle to be disrupted and could also keep the body from developing and releasing a mature egg. This resistance also makes it more likely that a woman will experience a miscarriage if she is able to become pregnant.

In fact, women with PCOS are 4-5 times more likely to experience a miscarriage than women without it. When insulin levels are not balanced, the embryo will have a harder time attaching properly in the uterus.


When you do decide to add cinnamon to your diet, you should expect to see the full results of it within about 8 weeks. One of the easiest ways to get more cinnamon in your diet is to take a supplement. However, you can also add it to some of the food you are eating. There are many recipes that call for cinnamon, which could be a simple way to consume more of it.

Unfortunately, men were also included in this study, and the results were not positive. Men who took cinnamon saw no changes in their insulin resistance nor in their male hormone levels. For men who suffer from insulin resistance, another treatment will be necessary.

Before you begin taking any type of supplement, make sure you discuss the things you are taking with your doctor. It is important that your doctor is aware of everything you are taking in order to make sure all of your medications are effective.

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