Causes Of Male Infertility

When a couple is struggling to conceive, one of the first plays people turn to look for issues is the woman. It is believed that most of the time the problems the woman has is the reason a couple is not able to conceive. However, this is not always the case. In fact, men are responsible for infertility about a third of the time.

If you are struggling with infertility, here are some of the reasons you may need to focus on male infertility.


Like women, men have many medical conditions they can develop that affect their ability to produce healthy sperm. For example, varicocele is the swelling of the veins that normally drain the testicle. This is actually the most common issue that men face and it is reversible. When you have this condition, the quality of your sperm could be negatively affected.

An infection could also be the cause of male infertility. Some of the infections you may develop could cause the health of the sperm or the production of it to be negatively affected. For men in this situation, this could be caused when they have a sexually transmitted disease or a number of other conditions that are common in men.

Hormonal imbalances are also a leading cause of infertility in men. Just like women, men have hormones that affect how and when they produce sperm. When these hormones are not balanced, the sperm the man creates will not be as healthy or mobile.


There are also things that a man can do or be exposed to in his environment that could affect his fertility. For example, if you are someone who works with certain industrial chemicals, like benzenes, xylene, pesticides and herbicides, you may struggle to conceive. Being exposed to heavy metals as well as radiation and x-rays could also make a difference.

In addition to these items, overheating the testicles could also cause you to struggle to create healthy sperm. Men should always avoid things like saunas and spas when they are trying to conceive with their partner. When you are using laptops, make sure you avoid setting it on your lap. This is another way to avoid adding too much heat to your testicles.

Your overall health and lifestyle could also be a reason you struggle with your fertility. Make sure you are eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle in order to make sure you are able to create the best sperm possible. You may also want to talk to you doctor about specific things you can do to improve the health of your sperm.

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