At What Age Does Getting Pregnant Become Difficult

There are many reasons women may choose to wait to become pregnant. In some instances, women may be trying to establish their careers before they are looking to have children. Some are waiting until they are married and have yet to find the right person. Others are simply waiting until their finances are in the right spot before they become pregnant.

Regardless of the reason you are waiting, it is important to know that age does affect your ability to conceive. At some point, you will begin struggling to become pregnant because of your age. In fact, many women over a certain age wind up needed to use IVF to be able to conceive.


When a woman is born, she has all the eggs in her body that she will ever have. Unlike men, who can reproduce their sperm, women cannot create new eggs in their body. So, if eggs become damaged or last, which happens naturally in a woman’s body, it can be difficult for her to conceive.

As we age, it also becomes harder for a woman to produce healthy eggs because of her age. This is also a natural process, but could also be affected by things like medical conditions and the overall health of the woman.


After a woman turns 30, her chances of becoming pregnant will begin decreasing. These chances will drop significantly as time goes by and by 35, she will have a pretty hard time conceiving if her eggs are not healthy and being released regularly.

This is one reason is it said that you should seek medical attention if you are trying to conceive for longer than six months and are over the age of 35. Your fertility doctor may need to help you become pregnant at this point by providing you with fertility drugs or treatments to help increase your chances of conceiving. Luckily, there are many options out there that have helped women over the age of 35 become pregnant naturally.

One important thing to keep in mind is that every woman is different. Because of this, while one woman may have problems conceiving at 35 another woman may struggle much sooner than that. Others are able to get pregnant naturally, much later then 35. However, every woman will eventually go through menopause and eggs will no longer be released in the body. At this point, it will be impossible to become pregnant unless you choose IVF.

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