Making A Pregnancy Announcement After Infertility

When you have been struggling to become pregnant for quite some time, it can be difficult to find the perfect way to announce a pregnancy. At this point, you are probably going through lots of different emotions. Part of you may want to tell everyone you know about the pregnancy while another part of you may be holding back.

To help you with making this important announcement, here are a few things you will want to keep in mind.


One reason that many couples decide to wait to announce their pregnancy is that they are worried that their pregnancy may result in a miscarriage. It is estimated that about 1 in 4 pregnancies result in a miscarriage. Because of this, it can be difficult to make a pregnancy announcement only to experience a miscarriage down the road.

Couples are then forced to tell many people that they have experienced a miscarriage or deal with the painful questions that come from people who don’t know about the miscarriage. This is one reason that many people choose to keep the news to themselves or among a very close group of friends and family.

If you do choose to wait to make a huge announcement but do tell a few friends or family, you will need to be careful. It is extremely easy for others to accidentally spread the news without your wishes, even if you ask them to keep the new quiet. Keep this in mind before sharing your news with anyone outside you and your partner.


On the flip side, some women are so excited to share their news that they feel they want to tell everyone they meet. This is usually the case when a couple has struggled for years to become pregnant. With all the time and effort put into the process, lots of women choose to make an announcement very soon after they find they are pregnant.

Another benefit in going ahead and making the announcement is that you will have a huge support system is something does happen to go wrong with the pregnancy. Having all those loved ones around to help you through a miscarriage can be very helpful for women who have been suffering with infertility.

When you are finally ready to make your pregnancy announcement, make sure you take it slow and do things on your own schedule. There is no rush to telling people that you are pregnant as long as both you and your partner share the news with each other. Doing things on your own schedule is the best way to make the announcement memorable and special.

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