Trying to get pregnant quickly – This May Help!

Trying to get pregnant quickly became an obsession for me. But it was worth every second as I have two fantastic children despite being told I would never have kids. My sister was also told she would never had children but her little boy is proof that sometimes the doctors, wonderful though they are, get it wrong.

I love my children to bits and aim to help every aspiring mom out there have this joy.trying to get pregnant quickly

When trying to become pregnant it is important to maintain a positive self-image – you are NOT to blame for any infertility issues that you may be experiencing. By actively looking for help, tips and information be reassured you are doing everything you can to help resolve your problem.

You need to make sure that you find some time to relax. I know from experience that this is much easier to say than to do. But I also know that you will make yourself and quite probably your partner miserable if you become obsessed with getting pregnant. It is too easy to concentrate on nothing but the date of your period, when you are ovulating etc. You will drive yourself nuts looking for the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy and become devastated if your period arrives.

Stress will not help you get pregnant and may in fact prevent it. So be good to yourself and your partner, follow hints and tips that have worked for others and who knows you may be as lucky as I was. Please do drop back and let us know how you are getting on.

Trying to get pregnant quickly can take over your life – don’t let it

When I was trying to get pregnant, everyone around me seemed to be having babies. Obviously there wasn’t a huge population explosion! I just suddenly became very aware of pregnant women and babies. I love reading but instead of my usual historical books (write anything on World War II or a fasinating person and I will buy it :-)), I started buying baby name books. Talk about putting the cart before the horse!

I had spent years trying not to get pregnant that I just assumed that it was so easy to have the baby we wanted. Right? Wrong!

I didn’t know that your fertility decreases so much as you get older. In fact, if you believe the doctors, the optimum age to get pregnant is 19. 19? Even though it took me a long time to become pregnant, I am still sure that I would not have made a good mum at 19. I really admire women who are ready for children at such a young age but I wasn’t one of them.

The good news is that you can improve your fertility and get pregnant quickly. My mum used to say to me that a car can’t function without petrol meaning your body needs the best quality food you can find in order to function at its peak. Over processed food not only kills off the nutrients the food did contain but also the manufacturers pack it full of fats and sugars to make it taste better. Not the best mix for someone who needs their body organs working at optimum capacity.

If you are trying to get pregnant quickly you need these additional supplements

A healthy diet will help you to get pregnant but these days it is very difficult to obtain the nutrients your body needs from food alone. Over farming has reduced the quality of soil which in turn decreases the vitamin content of the veg grown in it. The amount of vitamin C in an orange starts decreasing from the moment it is picked – how long did it take to get to your supermarket before sitting on a shelf for a couple of days?

So what can you do to combat this lack? You need to eat as wide and varied healthy diet as possible but you may also want to consider taking these supplements. Please check with your doctor prior to beginning any new health regime. It is quite easy to overdose on vitamins – not the result we are looking for!

Folic Acid

You will have heard that every woman who wants a baby should increase the quantity of folic acid in her diet. Your body folic acid and pregnancyneeds folic acid to produce DNA but it is one of the essential B vitamins that most women are deficient in. Oral contraceptives and alcohol cause the body to lose folic acid.

Vegetarians and Vegans are also likely to suffer a deficiency as are those women who suffer from digestive disorders and diarrhea. But it is not just women – men who are deficient in folic acid suffer fertility problems too. So when trying to get pregnant, you and your partner should take 400ug a day of folic acid.

Essential Fatty Acids

With Western Societies preoccupation for skinny bodies, all fats have been given a bad name. But some fats are essential for regulating reproductive hormones (you don’t want these hormones acting up when you are trying for a baby).

These fats are also involved in boosting your baby’s brain and central nervous system. Due to increased awareness of healthy eating, most of us are probably now overdosing on Omega 6 – one form of essential fatty acid which is found in vegetable oils.

The important EFA when it comes to fertility is Omega 3, a lack of which has been linked to abnormal sperm and miscarriages caused by blood clotting problems. So reduce the sources of Omega 6 and aim to increase the amount of Omega 3 in your body today. Eating oily fish such as Salmon two or three times a week combined with more green vegetables will help.


This is of particular importance to the man in your life. Selenium is used in the production of sperm’s tails – they need to be long in order to get to your egg on time. It stands to reason then that lack of this mineral has been linked to sperm mobility issues. Men with low sperm count often have low selenium levels when tested.

Get your man down to the Dr today – lack of selenium can be solved by taking a supplement of 100 ug per day – not a bad price to pay for increased fertility and longer tailed sperm!

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