How To Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

One reason many women struggle to become pregnant is because they have irregular periods. Often, this means that she is not ovulating. Ovulation is the process a woman’s body goes through to release an egg from the ovaries. The egg will then travel through the Fallopian tubes and into the uterus where it will wait to become fertilized.

If the egg becomes fertilized, it will then attempt to attach to the uterine lining. If the egg doesn’t become fertilized, the woman’s period will begin. When a woman isn’t able to ovulate regularly, this process will normally not occur, which will prevent the woman from becoming pregnant.


There are many reasons that a woman could be experiencing irregular periods. For example, the woman could have a medical condition that causes her irregular periods. It is also possible that a woman’s unbalanced hormones could cause her to have irregular periods. Other times, it is unknown what the true cause of the issue. But, there are always things you can do to treat the condition regardless of the cause.


There are several prescription medications as well as natural treatment options you can consider when you are having irregular periods. One of the first things your doctor may prescribe is a fertility drug called Clomid. This drug is an excellent option for women who are not ovulating. It virtually forces the body to start ovulating again. Plus, it is extremely effective and most women begin ovulating again in the first month.

In addition to this, you should consider some over the counter supplements that can help provide the same type of results. There are several options that you can consider, and each treats a different situation. Talk to your doctor about the best options for you.

Finally, taking care of your health is also a great way to treat irregular periods. This could mean losing weight, eating healthy food or exercising in the right amounts. Staying away from cigarettes and alcohol could also make a difference when you are trying to control your irregular periods.

The best thing you can do if you are having irregular periods is to track your ovulation cycle. This can help you determine whether you are ovulating or not. You can do this by using a basal thermometer or an ovulation predictor kit. These are effective items that will help you determine if ovulation is an issue. Then, you will be able to talk to your doctor about the best treatment option for you.

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