How to get pregnant fast

Having a baby is a big decision but just because you and your partner may have decided that it’s time to try and conceive, your body may have completely other ideas. While it may take your relationship several months or several years to get to a point where you’re ready for a child, once you are ready you want to get pregnant fast.

Here is a rundown of some top tips on when and how to get pregnant Fast

1. Time your ovulation cycle:


there is really only a 5 to 7 day window in the span of your monthly cycle where you are the most susceptible to becoming pregnant. Having sex throughout these days can help you to improve the chances that you will get pregnant. Using a body thermometer to track your temperature will help you to discover when you are ovulating as your temperature will raise just before you begin ovulating. Your cervical mucus may also change during ovulation and become more clear and stretchy. Ovulation prediction kits can also be helpful to predicting your ovulation cycle which will help you to learn How get pregnant fast.

2. Time sex correctly:

While many women wait for their ovulation cycle to start it’s important to note that by having sex a day or two before ovulation the sperm can be ready and waiting when the egg is released. If you don’t feel like tracking your cycle you can also try having sex every other day to ensure you are ready for fertilization when the egg is released. Most experts agreed that having sex every day vs every other day achieves the same chances at conception.

3. Try supplements:


The marketplace is filled with a number of different fertility supplements that you can get over-the-counter with all-natural ingredients. Kits and supplements are an excellent way to increase your chances for conception and boost your immune system to prepare for an upcoming pregnancy. Preparing your body to get pregnant fast will make sure that you are in the best possible state to conceive and start the early stages of pregnancy.

4. Watch your diet:

Watching your diet and habits is very important. Many were trying to conceive don’t stop with smoking tobacco or drinking. Both of these factors as well as the legal drugs can dash your hopes of conceiving dramatically. Focus on a clean diet with healthy and natural foods. This will not only help to prepare you for your pregnancy diet but ensure that your body is working in the healthiest way possible to conceive and grow a new life. Many pregnancy experts even suggest that cutting down on caffeine and focusing on whole foods can increase your chances of getting pregnant fast.

5. Consider the best time and position:

While you and your partner can enjoy lots of quality time during the process of trying to conceive a baby, sometimes the sexual position is important to improving your chances for conception. While you may have a method that works best for you and your partner or that is more pleasurable, sometimes taking the time to try something new can give you an advantage when learning how to get pregnant.
Many pregnancy experts suggest that a doggy style position on all fours is one of the best ways to conceive because it allows for a deeper penetration and a closer deposit to the egg. If you would prefer to face your partner you can also elevate the hips with a pillow or wedge in a traditional missionary position. If you are trying to conceive you should avoid side by side sexual positions or positions where the woman is on top.

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