How To Decrease The Chance Of Recurrent Miscarriages

Unfortunately, there are many women who suffer from recurrent miscarriages. In many of these instances, it is difficult to determine what exactly is causing the problem, which means it is difficult to treat. However, there are some ways to decrease the chance of recurrent miscarriages in some women. Here are some things you can consider.


One common treatment option is over the counter herbs. There are actually several types of herbs and supplements that have been shown to help reduce recurrent miscarriages. One of the most popular is called Vitex. This supplement is one that helps women who have low amounts of progesterone. You can also use progesterone cream along with the supplement to increase the aid even more.

Progesterone is responsible for healthy and nourishing environments for the baby. When you have low amounts of it, it is more likely that you will have a miscarriage. While you are using these items, you should also be under the care of a doctor at all times. This could help reduce your chances of having a miscarriage as well.

Maca is another herb that is commonly used to treat recurrent miscarriages. It helps give you additional hormones that your body needs to protect the pregnancy and control estrogen levels. This is a great way to attempt to sustain a pregnancy.

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Along with taking these supplements, it is best to take care of yourself as much as possible. This means eating a healthy diet and trying to control your hormones. For some women, getting rid of toxins that have built up in their body is extremely helpful. Going through a fertility cleansing is also fairly helpful because it can help improve circulation and tone your uterus.

Your diet is also an important part of improving your chances of keeping a pregnancy. To start with, make sure you are eating healthy foods, drinking water and avoid negative influences in your life. This could be things like alcohol, cigarettes or even stress. Improving this area of your life is also a great way to reduce the chance of having another miscarriage. It is best to be on this type of diet for at least 90 days before you become pregnant in order to give yourself the best chance.

If you are having recurrent miscarriages, there are tests that can be conducted to help determine what is causing them. In some instances, there is a medical condition that can be treated to help women who are struggling to keep pregnancies. After this test has been completed, you can then talk to your doctor about treatment options.

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Reasons To Get A Preconception Checkup

When you are considering becoming pregnant, it is sometimes suggested that you visit your doctor for a preconception checkup. This type of doctor’s visit is a fantastic option for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, not everyone believes that a preconception checkup is beneficial. To decide if it is something you require, here are some reasons to get a preconception checkup.


The first thing you are likely to go over in a preconception checkup is any medical conditions you suffer from. This could be things like diabetes or high blood pressure. It could also be fertility related concerns like endometriosis or PCOS.

This is a great time to make sure these types of conditions are being treated properly. Having medical conditions that are not treated properly not only makes it harder to conceive, but it can cause issues with your pregnancy as well.


You will also want to talk to your doctor about the birth control you are taking. In most cases, you can simply stop taking birth control once you are ready to conceive. However, depending on the type of birth control, you may need to stop taking it several months in advance. Since some birth controls stay in your system for several months at a time, this may be an important factor.

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If you have opted for an IUD rather than birth control, you will also need to discuss having it removed. Sometimes having it removed early can help give your body a chance to return to normal before you try to conceive. Some women struggle to have regular ovulation cycles after having a device removed, so this may be an important step to take.


A preconception appointment is also important when you take medications. Certain medications will prevent you from becoming pregnant and may even be dangerous to you when you become pregnant. Because of this, you will want to talk to your doctor about all of your medications in order to determine if any changes are needed.

Along with prescriptions, make sure you discuss any supplements you are taking. Some over the counter items should not be taken by women who are trying to conceive, so make sure you list the things you take in detail. Your doctor will also want to start you on a prenatal vitamin when you have this visit. This is something that can prepare your body for being pregnant, provide your baby with the nutrients it needs most in the first couple of weeks and make it easier to become pregnant.

In the end, a preconception appointment is a great thing to do when you are thinking about becoming pregnant. It will allow you to learn more about your body and the things you need to do to have a healthy pregnancy.

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